GL CUTIE: Christopher Massey


Catch up with total cutie, Christopher Massey, star of the hit show Zoey 101! Find out what he has to say about his little bro Kyle, school and more...

How would you describe your relationship with your little brother, Kyle Massey?

It’s very cool. We are competitive at sports and riding our motor vehicles, but not with show business.

In the That’s So Raven episode “Five Finger Discount,” you acted alongside your brother, what was that like?

That was cool because I was the dumb character trying to get Kyle to do something that was wrong. It was perfect for siblings.

You won 2002’s Outstanding Young Performer in Live Theatre. Which do you enjoy more, acting on stage or on film and why?

Stage is more difficult because you have one chance to get it right because it’s live. On film, you have several chances to get your performance to where you are comfortable with it. I like them both though!

You received an Emmy nomination in 2005 for Zoey 101, how would you describe that experience?

It was so awesome! That year my brother and I made a little TV history because both our shows were nominated for the same category. That's So Raven and Zoey 101 were both up for outstanding children's programming. Neither of us won though.

(Christopher and his little brother Kyle).

What’s your favorite part about acting?

Just doing new things each week, traveling and meeting new people.

Your character Michael on Zoey 101 is big jokester. Are you as funny as your character on the show? In which ways are you similar or different from your character?

Yes, I’m a lot like my character because I’m a pretty neutral guy. I have fun and I get along with everyone. I’m a great mediator.

You played Simba in Disney’s 2003 stage production of “The Lion King” in Los Angeles. What’s the biggest difference between acting on stage and on a television show and movies?

Acting on stage you have to deliver a bigger performance, so that it translates to the entire audience. Live is bigger. In TV or movies, less is better. It is a big difference.

You starred in “The Lion King” live version, but what’s your favorite Disney movie?

Definitely The Lion King, Aladdin and Remember The Titans.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I ride my motorcycles and go-carts when I’m in Atlanta. I also like to make beats and write music.

What’s your favorite subject in school?

Science and math!

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12/12/2007 1:53:00 PM