Meg & Dia: Life on Tour

What’s life like on the road? A sea of endless possibilities and crazy stories, we’re sure. As Meg & Dia kicked off their summer on the Vans Warped Tour this past Friday (CLICK HERE to see when they’re coming to you) we had them give us a glimpse into a typical day in their touring lives. Here’s what they had to say…

“Today, we drove the six hours from San Diego to Phoenix. It was the same as it has always been, mostly. Some of us sleeping, some reading, Meg talking about drum beats with Nick in the front seat. Coffee stop. Bathroom stop. In-n-out stop. Jonathan and Carlo got grilled cheese since they are vegetarian.

The scenery was somewhat serene, hot, washed up into a dry stretch of land that seemed somewhat concave from looking at it from half asleep eyes. I finished my book, ‘Into the Wild,’ and started ‘A Tale of Two Cities,’ that was given to me by a friend while on tour. We get books often on tour and love receiving them.

We passed two hitchhikers while getting back onto the freeway, one too tired to keep his thumb out, and the other rushing to pop it out towards us as we were speeding up. It made me think of the lone hitchhiker I had been reading about in ‘Into the Wild.’ I wondered if we would ever pick him up...but I am too scared. My mom's voice rings in my ears, ‘Never pick up a hitchhiker! Do you know what happened to someone once in New Jersey, or the next time it'll be someone in Washington.’ I wish our world wasn't so bad now.

We got into Phoenix, sat in the sun, ate cookies, played a small acoustic show and then went to our hotel where we immediately turned on the Food Network and fell asleep. Tomorrow...who knows.” 

Meg & Dia’s latest album Here, here and here is out now. And be sure to check out their new “Black Wedding” music video. Plus, listen to their entire album on their official myspace:

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--Patricia McNamara

PHOTO CR: Warner Bros. Records


6/28/2009 7:00:00 AM