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Park it! 5 national parks you can see for free

No matter where you are in the great U.S. of A, there’s gotta be a national park nearby, right? Take advantage of picnicking facilities, hiking trails and, you know, ah-mazing natural wonders for free this Tuesday, June 21. That’s tomorrow folks, so if you’re off from school, pull on some sneaks and get your tush over to a park for a totally free day of fun and frolicking.

Which parks are on our bucket list? Funny you should ask!

Grand Canyon
The immense canyon carved by the Colorado River in Arizona is one of the U.S.’s great natural wonders. We’ve all seen pictures, and while we might respond to Dad’s winsome trip planning with moans ‘n’ groans, we’re itching to see this sucker in person.

Muir Woods
Sure, we’d love to see the Giant Sequoias, also to be found in Cali, but we’re in it for the Redwoods. The average age of trees in the Muir Woods is 500 to 800 years old. Can you believe that?

This huge system of subtropical wetlands is famous the world over for its complex system of waterways. It’s a one-of-a-kind home to numerous endangered species, and we’re hoping to see a fair few once we hit the water.

Sprawling on Hawaii’s beaches ranks high on a different bucket list of ours, but once we’re there, we’ll definitely be checking out the expansive Haleakala National Park. Why? Well, it has it all, from waterfalls in a rain forest to volcanoes.

Heading to the Heartlands? Pick Yellowstone! The park is known for is fab geysers, like Old Faithful, as well as hot springs and a canyon of its very own.

Which national parks have you been to, sweeties, and where do you still wanna go?


by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016