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Hey, girls! Here’s a great new workout tip: get in shape by sword-fighting pirates, boxing your dad, swimming with sharks, or playing tennis in your living room. No, don’t worry, we haven’t gone crazy…we’ve just been playin' Nintendo Wii!

Surprisingly enough, according to a recent article from Yahoo! News, physical therapy patients have been, too. Physical therapists are now giving out prescriptions for…you said it…video games. That sure beats those big red rubber bands they usually give out.

For any of you who have broken a bone or undergone surgery, you know that it’s every kids’ dream for Doc to use video games instead of the boring stretching and lifting that often go hand-in-hand with rehab. But it’s not just ordinary video games. Because of Wii’s awesome, motion-sensitive controllers, playing the games require you to MOVE. Wii players jump, swing, and stretch, which is totally beneficial to getting your strength and flexibility back after a trauma.

Wii hasn’t just helped physical therapy patients, either. It’s gotten on-the-couch kids off their butts and exercising without even realizing it. If you’re a video game lover and wanna add more exercise in your life, then Doctors suggest playing Wii games that are sports-related. That way, you’re working out all the right muscles and maybe it will inspire you to play sports IRL. Try it out!

By: Laura Tomaselli

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by GL | 2/1/2016