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The 7 stages of indulging your fast food cravings

Today is National Fast Food Day, where we're officially allowed to binge on all the goodies we know aren't strictly good for us without having to face the usual guilt.
To celebrate, we've put together a list of all the stages we go through getting fast food—with a brief break to pick up some fries along the way.

Stage 1: Get super excited when someone suggests that you hit up your fave place


Stage 2: Decide what to get. Cheeseburger? Nachos? Ice cream? ALL OF THE ABOVE?


Stage 3: Finally get your food at the drive-through. You know you should probably wait until you get home, but you can't help sneaking a few bites in the car.


Stage 4: Race into your house and dig into your food—before your family can steal any of it. Has anything ever tasted this good?


Stage 5: Sit back, satisfied. Mmmm.


Stage 6: Realize how many calories you just ate, and vow to NEVER eat fast food EVER AGAIN.



Stage 7: Wait for the feeling to pass... and then start planning your next trip.


What's your favorite fast food joint? Did you celebrate National Fast Food Day?

GIFs found on Giphy, Photo credit Becky G


by Alexa Mattthews | 2/1/2016