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5 ways to celebrate International Women's Day this year

Happy International Women's Day!

Whether it's your mom who gives the best advice, your teacher who tirelessly helps you after class or your bestie who never fails to make you laugh, the women in our lives have played a huge role in forming the individuals we are today. What better way to celebrate the women in our lives, and worldwide, than International Women's Day? Here are 5 ways to give the gals around you (and yourself) an extra boost of #girlpower on March 8. 

Host a virtual competition

Gather your closest gal pals on Zoom for a fun competition related to International Women's Day. Face off in a cake-baking contest (this floral cake is adorbs) or test each other's knowledge on historical women with a game of trivia (Kahoot works fabulously for this).

Donate to women's nonprofits

One of the best ways to celebrate IWD? By supporting women you've never even met. That's *real* girl power. Donating to a women's nonprofit not only helps those in need, but it also gives you a sense of satisfaction and wholesomeness. Our faves are Tostan, an African-based nonprofit working towards equal education for girls, and She Should Run, a charity that empowers women to run for political offices by electing peers in our own communities.

Shop women-owned brands


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Yay, we love an excuse to go shopping! Before you head out the door or open your laptop to shop, consider buying from female-owned brands, like Glossier, S'well and Athleta. It's a win-win: we help them, they help us (to look super cute, ofc).

Support women in film or literature

If your type of celebrating is chilling on the couch and getting some *much* needed rest, this option is for you. Support females in the film and literature industries by picking up one of their books or watching a female-directed movie. Little Women and Frozen are two of the greatest films solely directed by women. You can listen to "Let it Go" just one more time, right?

Spread the love

Whether you end up doing all five of these celebration ideas or none, the most impactful thing you can do is simply being kind to your fellow women, today and every day. A simple compliment or word of encouragement can make a huge difference in someone's life. After all, the world is *always* in need of a little more kindness.

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by Elise Jones | 3/8/2021