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Fashion Collage

I love clothes! Whether I'm shopping with friends or just looking at pics from a recent runway show, I'm totally having a blast. Fashion is! That's why when my friend introduced me to a new website, I became instantly obsessed. Ever heard of Well, if you're a clothes kind of gal, you should def check it out. is a free website filled with famous people in the world of fashion, aspiring designers and girls just like you and me. On Polyvore, you make a collage filled with awesome clothes, celebrities and quotes you like, called a "set." Making a set is easy-- just go to Polyvore's virtual closet and click and drag the perf item over to your blank set.

This website is totally fun... and addicting! Whether I'm making a set about my current fave song, or one about my celebrity crush (hello, Channing Tatum) I am having an absolute blast. Polyvore lets you unleash your inner creativity and everyone who uses the site is so nice and supportive.
Making sets, or looking at others’, is endless enjoyment on Tap into your creative side and let us know your thoughts.

Are you a fashionista? If you were to make an online collage right now, what would you include? Blog it out, girlies.


by Julia Fine | 2/1/2016