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GL's 6 favorite Wizards of Waverly Place moments

Sigh. After four seasons, the Emmy award-winning series, Wizards of Waverly Place, is coming to an end this Friday, Jan. 6. In the hour-long special, “Family Wizard,” only one Russo sibling will win the competition to keep the wizard powers…and the other two will become mortals.

Throughout the years, we have grown to love this wizard fam, and we hate to see them go! We’ll really miss Alex Russo’s sarcastic attitude and Max’s cluelessness that always gets them into trouble, and watching Justin try to fix the damage. And we’ll certainly miss Harper’s crazy outfits (our fave is still her rubber ducky ensemble!)

What are the biggest moments that stick out in our head after all of these episodes? Read on to find out.

Alex’s Quinceanera

Alex dreads the Quinceanera her mother is planning for her, but when she learns her mother wanted one so badly when she was Alex’s age but couldn’t afford it, Alex takes the matter into her own hands. Sure, Alex can seem self-centered at times, but she uses her magic, for good, and switches bodies Freaky Friday style with her mom so she can have the party she’s always wanted.

Harper Knows

Harper is upset at Alex for forgetting her birthday, so Alex decides it is time to tell Harper she is a wizard. But when Harper mistakenly puts on the charmed costume and goes on stage at the convention, she begins to fly in front of the whole audience. Afraid of revealing their secret to the world, the wizard police disguise her flying with ropes. Alex finally shows her BFF she is a wizard by taking her on a ride through space.

Max’s Secret Girlfriend

Definitely our favorite hilarious moment at the Russo household! Max is embarrassed by his real parents, so he uses magic to make Justin and Alex older and introduce them to his new girlfriend, Nancy Lueke (Bella Thorne from Shake It Up!), as his parents. After Nancy realizes who Max’s real parents are, Max tells her, in detail, about their wizardly powers and takes her on a magic carpet ride over NYC. After the Russo’s realize Max’s mistake, Justin and Alex take matters into their own hands to convince Nancy that they are not wizards, but a family of “passionate amateur special effects enthusiasts.” Justin attempts to simulate their carpet ride using a green screen, a “flying carpet” contraption—a carpet on top of springs and gears, and twinkies.

Wizards vs. Dancing with Angels

Justin’s new girlfriend, Rosie, turns out to be a dark angel. And for fun, Rosie wants to take Justin to a very exclusive angel dance. Not wanting to miss the fun, Alex and Harper join. Posing as angels, Harper and Alex join in on the “angel slide,” but the angels soon discover they are fake when they are told to fly.

Wizards vs. Werewolves

One of the most touching moments for both Justin and Alex. After a long search, Justin finally finds his vampire girlfriend, Juliet, and Alex discovers that her werewolf boyfriend, Mason, really did love her. But because of a werewolf scratch to Juliet, and a vampire bite to Mason, Juliet becomes her real age--over 2,000 years old and mortal, and Mason becomes a real wolf permanently.

First Wizard Competition

After Justin, Alex and Max wish their parents had never met, their wish is granted and Mr. Russo regains his wizardly powers. In order to reverse the spell, the Russo siblings must find the Stone of Dreams. They find the stone, but realize that in order for the spell to be reversed, one sibling must be a full wizard, so they must compete in a full-wizard competition. After Max disappears, Alex makes sure Justin knows that she has always looked up to him. Justin and Alex battle it out, and Alex wins and receives the Stone. Justin then disappears as well. Alex is told to wish for her brothers to reappear, but instead, wishes that everything go back to normal so they can be a family again.

Who do you think will be the Russo family wizard in the series finale? Find out this Friday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel.

What’s your favorite Wizards of Waverly Place moment? Blog about it, babes.

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by Madeleine Brown | 2/1/2016