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Say hello to Graceful rocker Lindsey Cohen

GL would like to give a warm welcome to the lovely Lindsey Cohen, an immensely soulful and talented 17-year-old singer/songwriter from New York City. 

This talented teen will be releasing her debut EP Grace Under Pressure next Tuesday, April 29, and be prepared—you’re gonna fall in love with her unique voice and down-to-earth lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, Lindsey knows a thing or two about songwriting. She has been practicing her craft for quite a few years, after all. And as for her music, this babe has the maturity and grit of a native New Yorker but seeks inspiration across the Atlantic from tunes her parents used to listen to like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Don’t believe us? We got a chance to check out her EP before it releases and are breaking things down track by track for you below.

“Grace Under Pressure”

Lindsey kicks off her EP with a subtle rock vibe accompanied by cotton-candy sweet undertones. We think she has the punch of Avril Lavigne but with an indie twist. Lindsey is def letting everyone know that she is a force to be reckoned with, so watch out world!


This tune is this first single off Grace Under Pressure and with it we realize just how talented Lindsey really is. In the vid below, she proves she can play keyboard and guitar. And not only is Linds an instrument pro, her lyrics make us feel like we’re talking to our BFF: “Second guessing and deliberating, only time will tell what will become of us.” Oof, we can definitely sympathize with those feelings.

Watch “Daisies” music vid below…

“Persistent Boy”

Lindsey hits the nail on the head with this tune. She tells the story of a boy who couldn’t enjoy being just friends with her and adds drama during the bridge when she sings, “You followed me home, won’t leave anymore. Wish you’d walk away, wish you’d walk away.” Consider it your go-to when one of your dude friends just can’t take a hint.

“Little Black Submarines”

This tune is originally by The Black Keys, but Lindsey snatched it up and turned it into something new. She gets deep, dark and moody for this song and shows us she’s wise beyond her years by covering a band that’s much different than our boys in 1D or BTR.


This one takes a slower route than any of the other songs on Lindsey’s EP and it sounds like she drew a ton of inspo from John Mayer. In this jam, she describes the process of letting someone go who did her wrong, which is super important for all of us to hear. She really cuts to the chase when she sings, “It’s not me, it’s you.” Sometimes being blunt is better, ya know?

Wanna judge Lindsey Cohen’s songs for yourself? You can pre-order her EP right here and stay up to date on all things Lindsey on her website,

Are you excited to hear Lindsey Cohen’s debut EP Grace Under Pressure on April 29? Let GL know in the comments below.


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by Sydney Adamson | 2/1/2016