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The five Instagram accounts you *have* to follow

Has your Insta feed been making you yawn recently? Are you over the bikini posts and photos of starbucks frapps? Then it's time to go on Instagram and find something #interesting. We've rounded up some weird, unique, adorable and absolutely amazing Instagrams. If you're looking to spice up your feed, these accounts are sure to do the trick. Seriously, you'll be scrolling all day. So stop stalking your ex's new girlfriend, and start looking up these cool accounts that everyone should be following.

1. NASA Goddard

Talk about out of this world. @nasasgoddard's photos are the official pics taken from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. If you want to see beautiful up-close photos of black holes, nebulas and galaxies, then this is the perfect account for you. It's photos will never cease to make you gasp in wonder.

2. Tal Peleg

@tal_peleg is an amazing visual artist from Israel who creates gorgeous make-up looks using inspo from stories, movies and pop culture. Her art usually conists of eye make-up, which is extremely intricate and unique. She also creates looks that strikingly resemble illusions. Talk about inspirational.

3. Andres Fatso

@bakedbyandres makes the most adorable—and sophisticated—desserts a girl could ever dream of. Lately she's been popular for her soda cakes (cakes that look like real bottles of soda). But she's also well-known for her cute animal-related sweets and to-die-for cakes. Follow her for some mouth-watering posts.

4. Lil Bub

Your love for cats will reach its peak when you see posts from this little guy. @iamlilbub is a cat who can't help sticking out his tongue wherever he goes. Follow him and his family through the most adorable photos and videos. We swear his photos are the cure for any bad day.

5. Samantha Lee

We love @leesamantha's page because she makes the coolest food plates that also tell a story. Whether it's Charlie Brown eating an ice-cream cone or minions made out of corn on the cob, Samantha knows how to get our tummies rumbling. She's also able to transport us back to childhood easily, giving us instant smiles on our faces when we see these adorable dishes.

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? Tell us in the comments below.

Photo credit: Tal Peleg, NASA Goddard, Andres Fatso, Lil Bub, Samantha Lee


by Viviana Santini | 6/23/2016