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You're gonna *love* The Catching's new EP

September is a hectic time for everyone, but this year even more so for New Jersey-based band The Catching. The four-piece—consisting of Jake Farbman, Holden Glazer, Evan Hemwell and Drew Stevens—will release their first ever EP, Teenage Fiction Part 1, on Sept. 23 and embark on the High School Nation Tour on Sept. 26.

If these cuties look familiar, it's probably because they had a pretty busy August, too. First, they performed at Girls' Life's very own Back-to-School Fashion Bash. There, they slayed with originals "Ready Set Go" and "Wild Ones" and totally won over the crowd with a cover of The Beatles. TBH, we haven't stopped talking about their performance since the sec they stepped off the stage.

They've spent the rest of August on YouNow. In the month they've been using the live video streaming service to host impromptu and fun virtual performances, they've already hit #1 on the YouNow leaderboard (not once, but twice!) and been featured on the website's homepage as Editor's Choice.

That's momentum they can use as they embark on the HSN tour alongside some of your faves like Skylar Stecker, Try On and the one and only Drake Bell. Their tourmates are über-talented, but definitely not indicative of The Catching's sound. They're a bit 5 Seconds of Summer, Fall Out Boy and All Time Low—a combo that we're absolutely head over heels for. Check "Ready Set Go" below to get a taste of their style.

Teenage Fiction Part 1 takes all of those artists and puts a completely new spin on them. The GL office has been abuzz about one track in particular, though: "Lighter." The drums are entirely epic, Holden's voice is enchanting and the lyrics are super personal and catchy. The four other tracks on the EP have a vibe that's all their own. Collectively, the five create a totally unique and cohesive pop-rock sound.

In the midst of all this September excitement, GL caught up with the band's lead singer Holden to chat about Drake Bell, YouNow and their lovely fans.

Girls' Life: How excited are you guys for the HSN tour?!

Holden Glazer: We’re really excited. It’s a really awesome tour. The cool thing about it is it’s not one of those tours where we’re opening for a headliner. Everyone’s kind of just playing, and everyone’s different musically. I’ve listened to some of [Drake Bell's] music but I probably won’t go up to him and be like “Hug me, brotha!” or anything.

GL: Oh, we totally think you should! You know we love "Lighter," but what's *your* favorite track on the EP?

HG: I love “Wild Ones." It’s one of my favorite songs to play live. It’s like a big song, and one of the big messages in a lot of my songs is not caring what people think about you. Not in a way where you can be like mean to people—more in the way of "be yourself and don’t let others bring you down." And that song is especially about embracing your scars and/or just imperfections.

GL: You guys get compared to 5 Seconds of Summer a *lot.* What do you make of that?

HG: It’s an easy comparison because they’re a group of guys, like four guys, who play in a band, and we’re also guys in a band. I think they’re a pretty cool band. I’m very okay with being compared to them because if we can get anywhere as big as them that would just be amazing.

GL: You guys have only been using YouNow for about a month but you're already *huge* on the platform. What do you love about it?

HG: It’s just been amazing. It's a lot of fun. We were able to get on a call with our friend Brent Morgan, who’s also a well-known broadcaster. He kind of gave us advice on what kind of gear to use, how to broadcast—just like little things to show why it’s a great place to start from for us. We’ve even written stuff on YouNow. Evan was just kind of playing around with this chord progression just off to the side when I was talking, and I was kind of like "Wait, what was that?" We got out a whole song and everyone’s like "Wait, did you just write that?!"

GL: That's so cool! Mega jealous of the fans who got to see that. Speaking of fans, what do you hope they take away from your shows on the HSN tour?

HG: Some of the coolest things that happened this summer [at Camplified] was that there were counselors that came up to us and be like, "This kid was socially awkward and struggling all summer, and you guys made him happy and gave him something to relate to with his friends." I hope people just take away an enjoyable experience from our set.

GL: Will there be a Teenage Fiction Part 2?

HG: Yeah, there should be. We also have so many new songs that might be worth recording, so there could be some new material that we’d be putting out with Part 2. Or, if it goes as well as we want it to, maybe we’ll just put out an album.

What are your thoughts on The Catching? Will you pick up Teenage Fiction Part 1 on Sept. 23 or see them on the High School Nation tour?

Photo credit: The Catching.

by Sydney Adamson | 9/8/2016
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