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Text your bestie, because To All the Boys I've Loved Before's Anna Cathcart and Total Eclipse's Lauren Orlando are throwing the *ultimate* Galentine's Day sleepover. The two superstars and IRL BFFs opened up about their amaze bond (fun fact: it all started with a DM), how to spot a true friend, the perfect Galentine's slumber party pointers and *so* much more. 


Spring style, solved
It's finally spring! Unearch those '70s silhouettes (paisley wrap tops, where have you been hiding?!), muted stripes and botanical prints. Pair with boots and wellies for a look that's practical(ly) magic.

Beauty flexes for every vibe
Freezing temps can make you want to hibernate until it's iced latte season again. But why wait for sunny days to shine? We've put together five beauty lewks that'll make every day feel like it's spring...even when it's snowing. 

It's haircut szn! Should you get bangs?
Hit refresh on your style this season, thanks to the coolest cuts on the runway. BRB, taking this page to the salon for *all* the spring hair inspo.

Do your own thing...Your life, your way
Bombing exams, feeling left out, not making first-string—these things can loom large in your world and cause your confidence to crumble. But with the right approach, you can take the biggest, baddest bummers and reduce them to a tiny hiccup.

Who you should be crushing on, according to astrology
Charming cuties for Aries, smart sweeties for Virgo, chill crushes for Capricorns...We've found you the *perfect* bae, based on your zodiac sign. What are you waiting for?

Are you *sure* you know how to take care of your face?
Each skin type needs different types of products. And yours may change over time—the winter can dry you out, while in warmer weather has you produce oil like it's your job. If you're dry/flaky/irritated/breaking out, we've got the perfect routine for you.

Quiz: Are you *actually* ready for your first kiss?
If you've watched literally any movie or TV show about growing up, you probably think your first kiss is a Very Big Deal. Trust us, it's a lot less complicated than that—and we're here to tell you if you're *actually* ready, because it's totally fine either way. No shame.

Just breathe, babe
Inhale, exhale, repeat: It seems like the simplest thing in the world. And in fact, *it is*. Focusing on your breath is the easiest way to shift your state from total overwhelm to inner calm. We show you how...

How to tell if you can *really* confide in a friend
Spilling about your problems and getting great advice are what true friendships are made of. But when it comes to your crew, who should you trust with your truths? 

Fries before guys...and other boy myths to break
Forget everything you've heard: The dated dating advice has *got* to go. We're rewriting the rules to your much more modern love story.

How they hold hands says a *lot* about them
Whether you realize it or not, holding hands with someone is actually kind of a big deal. It's an easy way to show someone you're into them in a way that's casual, while still being incredibly romantic. But what does bae's hand-holding style *actually* mean? We've got the revealing deets.

Quiz: Can you fly solo?
When it comes to being on your own, do you spread your wings or are you more of a stick-with-the-crowd girl? Take this quiz to find out.

Everything you need to see, read and listen to this season
JoJo Siwa discusses her signature rainbow style and how she surprises superfans on her D.R.E.A.M. The TourCarson Lueders opens up about Chicken Girls BTS moments—and why his new music just might be the best of his career. Plus: Matt Sato, Selena Gomez, Halsey, Billie Eilish and more! 

 In this issue, you'll also find... 

💕Girl crushes, decoded
She has a fab sense of style and can ace a history test like nobody's business. No wonder you're so into her! But what does that *mean*? Here's why we obsess about certain girls—and why it's totally cool to crush.

🎬"Why I told the world I'm autistic" 
As the first openly autistic actor to star as a regular in a TV series, Kayla Cromer is crushing stigmas and shining. She shares her story—and why she decided to become an activist for people on the spectrum.

😍What do your fave rom-coms reveal about your IRL soulmate?
Real-life love isn't always like the movies—but sometimes, the two have more in common than you think. Take this quiz to find out what your favorite romantic movies reveal about your IRL happily ever after.

🏃‍♀️Is your coach tough or toxic?
Once the fastest girl in the country, Mary Cain's experience with an emotionally abusive coach led her to nearly walk away from running for good. While her story may be extreme, it's not all that different from what many high school athletes deal with every day. 

❄️Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Waking up to find out school is canceled is probably the best feeling ever—so get ready to slay your snow day with our fave ways to spend your 24 hours.

💙"Our friend died while vaping. We're never letting that happen again."
After moving from India to New York, 17-year-ol twins Renee and Rhea Mendonca were shocked by how many kids vape at school. Now they're on a mission to make sure no more teens fall victim to the new national epidemic.

*All* the fun and freebies
How to try a plant-based diet (featuring the *best* veggie burgers, ofc)
+ "Coding saved my life." App developer Amanda Southworth, 19, shares her story
Your ultimate Valentine's Day movie binge-watching guide
+ Awkward moments from Sydney to the Max star Ruth Righi
Dear Carol advises on how to make new friends
...and more!



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Photo credits: February/March Cover (Anna Cathcart and Lauren Orlando): Sean Scheidt. Secret Garden: Sean Scheidt. Beauty Flexes: Camila Mendes via Instagram. Hair: Taylor Swift via Instagram

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