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Love horses and adventure? Star Stable: Mistfall is your ultimate winter binge-watching pick

Anyone else feel like this January has already gone on forever?! (*Cue raised hands*). Here's what's getting us through these chilly winter weekends: Binge-worthy shows, yummy snacks and alllll the fuzzy cuddles from our snuggliest pups and kittens (and if you don't have a pet, treat yourself to a TikTok compilation, you're welcome). 

Now for the best news—we found the ultimate chillout series perfect for both animal lovers and just-wanna-relax-with-a-snack types (relatable). Star Stable: Mistfall is *everything* you need in your life right now—and the YouTube premiere is here just in time for the weekend (tysm). 

Check out the trailer now:

Already hooked? Watch the show on YouTube HERE—then keep scrolling for all the deets on the plot, characters and why our real-girl squad made Mistfall their best binge-watching pick this winter. Oh and click HERE to enter to win an *incredible* Star Stable: Mistfall prize pack!

Skye Rowan is your average girl—sometimes confident, sometimes unsure of herself and misunderstood. She's a loyal friend who tries hard to be true to herself and take a stand for what she believes in. But there's one big difference: Despite being raised in New York City, Skye was actually born on Jorvik, the mythical remote island where (unbeknownst to Skye) fantastical powers—and stunning horses—abound. 

When Skye heads to Jorvik for the summer after experiencing a tragedy, she's ready (well, as ready as she can be) for a new adventure. But what she doesn't realize is that magic surrounds her—and this kind of magic has the power to be both wonderful *and* dangerous.

Binge all of Star Stable: Mistfall to see how Skye discovers the secrets of Jorvik (and all the fascinating characters she meets along the way), and watch to see whether or not she will fulfill a centuries-old story and write her true destiny. 

Meet our fabulous GL girl squad:  Sophia, Aria, Paizley, Alexa, Mackenzie, Willow and Kylee. They are psyched to tune into the Star Stable: Mistfall premiere and can't wait for you to join them! 

Sophia @sophia_abelita

Sophia, 14, is *all* about helping others, whether it's supporting her BFFs ("I always build my friends up and encourage them to be their best selves") or pursuing her passion for climate activism. "I love animals and horses so I'm so excited to watch Star Stable: Mistfall.
Rising star: "I went to my first acting class at the age of 5 and knew it's what I wanted to do forever. I've been working hard and auditioning for years, and I actually got to be in a national commercial for NASCAR. It showed me that amazing opportunities come from hard work—and a little bit of luck." 
Magical memories: "I loved riding horses with my Grandpa before he passed away. He had a Morgan horse named Casanova and a Quarter horse named Half-Pint. I really miss him and I miss riding horses, too." 
Holidays at home: "I spent winter break at my house, having lots of game nights with my family. I miss traveling, but I definitely appreciated the extra snuggles with my rescue pups Luna and Zeke." 

Aria @itsariabrooks

Aria, 14, is an accomplished actor and singer (you may recognize her from her *hilarious* role on Nickelodeon's All That). When she's not polishing her comedic chops, Aria loves to express herself through original music, like her latest song and music video "Am I Next?"—where she speaks out about the importance of taking a stand for social justice. 
Girl power: "Girl power isn't about doing well 'for a girl," it's doing well. I'm a model of girl power because I show that being a girl doesn't change my talent or abilities—it's actually a bonus. I don't let anything hold me back." 
Dream horse: "My dream horse would look like cookies and cream ice cream. It would be a white horse with various black spots all over. The mane and tail would be brownish-black to represent chocolate." 
Star Stable: "I'm a huge fan of adventure games and fun quests, so after I binge-watch Mistfall I'm going to play the Star Stable game." 

Paizley @paizley_steven

Paizley, 10, is a dancer and singer who's at home on the stage. When she's not busy rehearsing choreography in the studio or working hard to maintain straight As in fifth grade, she *loves* to fulfill her passion for horses by watching Star Stable: Mistfall: "I can't wait to live vicariously through the relatable characters and their stunning horses." 
Horse girl: "Horses are my spirit animal. They're such magical creatures and I *love* them. I try to ride every time I visit my cousins in Montana. I dream of owning a white horse one day (with a glitter saddle)."
Choose kind: "My mom always told me to treat others as I want to be treated. It's so true. It's important to lift people up, cheer them on and take the high road...even when it's hard to do." 
Timeless tradition: "Since the holidays were more low-key this year, I had the best time during my family's annual afternoon of Christmas cookie baking and decorating. I even made one of my cookies in the shape of a horse!"

Alexa @alexa_grace_cheer

Alexa, 11, is all about balancing her girly side with her sporty one. When she's not riding horses and four-wheelers while visiting her grandparents out in the country ("I can't wait to go back when the pandemic is over," she confesses), she's eagerly prepping for her upcoming season of competitive cheerleading. 
Animal lover: "I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up. I have a pet dog and five fish: two goldfish, two clown fish and one beta. If I could, I've have a pet llama because they are *so* cute." 
Gamer girl: "I've played the Star Stable game and I really love it. It's so fun to train the horses and take care of them, and to unlock the mysteries and quests. My perfect horse would be black with white spots and a white stripe down the nose." 
#BeYourself: "I'm the kind of person who's OK with doing my own thing. I don't need to follow the crowd or change who I am to fit in. It can be tough at times, but I want to be authentic and own who I am and what I like—and every girl should feel empowered to do the same." 

Mackenzie @mackenziehancsicsak

Mackenzie, 13, shines onscreen as Young Kate on the hit NBC series This Is Us, but offscreen she's just as much of a star. "I think I'm a role model because I'm just myself," she spills. "If I want to act goofy or silly, I just do it and I don't put anyone else down who is being themselves." In fact, Mackenzie is a lot like the Mistfall lead Skye Rowan—authentic, unafraid, creative and totally passionate about animals and the outdoors.
#SunnySunday: I posted a video every Sunday throughout 2020. I just filmed my 47th video! During the lockdown, it was hard to come up with ideas since I wasn't going to events. But I've been cooking a lot and doing some virtual activities, so I've been feeling more creative lately. I'm hoping to keep it going for the new year." 
Pawsitively perfect: "I love animals—I have two rescue dogs named Bear and Finnegan that my family adopted from a shelter. I love playing with them and caring for them." 
Adventure time: "I just started playing the Star Stable game and I'm excited to go on the quests and learn more about my horse, Luna Joy. I named my horse Luna after my leopard gecko who just passed away. Horses are such beautiful and strong animals that deserve *all* the love and respect." 

Willow @willowireofficial

Willow, 8, loves horses—and she's already dreaming big about her future mare. "In a magical world, I'd have a light brown horse with rainbow dots on it, a galaxy-print flowing mane and ankles surrounded by puffy tie-dye hair," she shares. "Basically, my horse would look like a unicorn!" 
Horse girl: "Horses are beautiful, strong and fast—all-around amazing animals. I'm hoping to take riding lessons soon and also spend time learning how to treat a horse and give it lots of good care." 
#RealTalk: "When you are strong and confident in yourself, you can empower and support other girls to reach their dreams, too! That's what I do with my best friends in Girl Scouts." 
Puppy love: "I have a dog named Zane. He's a Cairn terrier mix and my first pet and I love him a lot. He wakes me up in the morning and when we play fetch together but he won't let me give him the ball. He's so cute."

Kylee @cheerps.lauren_k

Kylee, 11, is an all-star cheerleader who hopes to land a spot on the Worlds competition team one day (fun fact: she has all her Level 6 skills to make the team—but has to wait to get a little older to compete!). When she's not cheering or representing her sport as a Rebel Athletic Ambassador, she loves to kick back and do lots of crafts and DIYs at home. 
Take a stand: "While it's important to be confident, it's also a good thing to be humble and to acknowledge the people who have helped you along the way. For me, it's my family and my friends." 
Puppy power: "I am trying to convince my parents to let me get a puppy. For now I'm just enjoying extra time with my adorable pets—my hamster Prim and our family dog Haily." 
Horse dreams: "My perfect horse would be chocolate brown with a highlighted, multi-colored mane. I'd ride her everywhere—even to the grocery store!" 

Star Stable: Mistfall premieres Jan. 16 on YouTube! Watch it here today. Plus, enter here to win a fantastic Mistfall prize pack.

by Katherine Hammer | 2/6/2021