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*All* the shows and movies to stream this back-to-school szn

Cultivating a carefree summer mood is easy (obviously), but now that you're faced with months of pop quizzes, endless HW and meh cafeteria food, how the heck do you get back into a more studious state of mind? These movies and shows will have you ready to dive into your academia aesthetic ASAP.

Legally Blonde
You don't have to be law school-bound to be inspired by Elle Woods. Not only does the movie remind you that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, but its soundtrack will seriously transport you into happy mode. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Ever felt like surviving school was truly monstrous? In this iconic '90s show, Buffy and her friends battle demons, vampires and other forces—all metaphors for the struggles of being a teenager. Binge this during your biggest "ugh" moments to feel truly seen.

Never Have I Ever
Craving a more modern mirror of life at school? You can't go wrong with a watch (or re-watch...or re-rewatch) of Netflix's Never Have I Ever. Devi's journey navigating the social minefield that is being a teenager is universal in a way that will have you screaming "YES. THIS." approximately 1,000 times per episode.

Starring Zoey Johnson from Black-ish, Grown-ish confronts the ups and downs of college life in a way that's super relatable and real but still manages to be a hilarious comedy.

A Glee marathon lets you imagine life in a world where every school day involves larger-than-life characters, impeccable costuming and, oh, breaking out into several choreographed musical numbers a day. We're here for it.

The Breakfast Club
Consider The Breakfast Club the ultimate OG clash of the cliques flick. This classic '80s film shows us how everyone ("athletes, brains and basket cases" alike) has more in common than they ever thought.

17 Again
No matter what's going on in school, you're going to miss it one day, trust. 17 Again is the perfect reminder to live in the moment, break out of your comfort zone and enjoy every memory you're making right now.

The Perfect Score
In movie world, even taking a standardized test can become an adventure. Enter: The Perfect Score, which is a hidden gem (starring pre-Marvel versions of Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson) about a group of high school students who plain a heist to steal the answers to the SAT.

Bring It On
You don't have to be a cheerleader to appreciate the glory of Bring It On. From its inspiring tale of teamwork to its unique slang and the magic that is the concept of "spirit fingers," you won't be able to watch this movie and not be filled with pep rally levels of school spirit. Go team!

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by Kayleigh Roberts | 8/13/2022