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Everything you need to know about Jackson Dollinger's new single, "One and Only"

Calling all Sydney to the Max fans! Jackson Dollinger is here with a brand new single—and we couldn't be more excited to stream. This actor-slash-artist is about to be your next favorite songwriter, so scroll for *all* the deets on "One and Only" (stream it HERE!). 

Girls' Life: Tell us about your single.
Jackson: "One and Only" is an upbeat pop song about being yourself and missing a person you once felt complete with. I created this song in my home studio about a year and a half ago, and I actually wrote, produced and recorded it on my own. 

GL: Wow, that's awesome. What's your favorite lyric in the song, and why do you love it?
Jackson: "Miss the old me and I feel like you're where I belong." But another one of my favorites is, "So I put aside my fears, every goodbye starts with hello." I really like that one because I feel like it's important to put yourself out there. 

GL: How would you describe your sound right now? What artists inspire you?
Jackson: I would describe my sound as melodic, warm and natural. I'm very inspired by Justin Bieber, Iann Dior and Machine Gun Kelly.

GL: And when you aren't making music, what do you have going on?
Jackson: I'm currently working on a new Disney show called Pretty Freekin Scary, but I also love to skateboard, surf and play basketball.

GL: Super cool. What's one thing people might not know about you?
Jackson: I'm a straight-A student! I've never gotten a B on a report card.

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Stream "One and Only" here!

Photo credit: Cathryn Farnsworth


by Katherine Hammer and Lena Genovese | 11/15/2022