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In honor of Greta Gerwig's Barbie, here's a throwback to our fave Barbie movies

It's the summer of Barbie, but remember the iconic Barbie movies from the 2000s? Tbh, putting on a Barbie movie DVD is pure nostalgia. Whether we were watching Barbie twirling in a gown as a princess, on her tiptoes as a ballerina or swimming as a mermaid, we will forever be obsessed with her. So in honor of the newest live-action Barbie movie, here are our top picks of the Barbie movies we all know and love from our childhood. 

1. Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper 

It's the classic swapped roles trope. And as the OG musical in the Barbie movie series, it has *the* best soundtrack (iykyk). Look-a-likes princess Barbie and seamstress Barbie cross paths and become the bestest of besties as they embark on the most magical journey to save the kingdom—this never gets old! 

2. Barbie: Princess Charm School

Rags to riches, anyone? Barbie gets selected to attend the prestigious princess school alongside actual royalty, and we were obsessed with her makeovers and princess lessons—let's be fr, we all practiced balancing books on our head after this movie. And the long-lost princess storyline? We were too invested.  

3. Barbie as Rapunzel

We love a Barbie spin on a classic tale. Barbie has taken on many roles during her extensive career, but not much is as daunting as revisiting the story of Rapunzel, one most people know and love. (If there's anyone could fill her shoes, though, it's Barbie.) This is one of the older Barbie movies, but we love looking back to classics of the past. It seems to be one of the fan faves of the Barbie cinematic universe, so that should tell you that you're in for a treat!

4.  Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale

Barbie goes back to the basics with this fashion-themed film. Her iconic style has long been a staple of her brand, so it's no surprise this movie plays into her strengths. A Barbie film set in Paris exploring the world of fashion design with a fantasy twist? Sounds like something out of our dreams. Full of pink, glitter and even fashion fairies, this film will not disappoint Barbie fans. 

5. Barbie in the Pink Shoes

This Barbie is a dancing queen. Whether or not you'd ever step foot on the dance floor, this Barbie movie brings lots of adventure and fun to the world of ballet. It has a magical twist and transports Barbie (and you) to a whole other world. It's also one of the more modern Barbie films, so it's interesting to see the fresh take on the doll. Fans of past and present should be sure to check out this fantasy-filled Barbie movie. 

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by Anne Chen and Mina Rahmat | 7/21/2023