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5 fab bookmark DIYs that'll jazz up any book you read

Reading is amazingly fun to begin with, but it's about to get *way* more exciting with these fab bookmark DIYs. They're practical, pretty and easy to make. What's not to love!?


1. Ribbon bookmarkFor this all you need is ribbon, a button and elastic hair ties. First, measure the ribbon to make sure it can fit around the book. Next, sew the button piece onto the ribbon. Lastly sew the ribbon onto the hair tie. You can go to this page if you want step by step detailed instructions. 


2. Pom pom bookmarkThis craft is *super* fun and way easy to do. For this all you need is yarn and scissors. First, you have to wrap the yarn around three of your fingers about 90 times. Then, slide the yarn carefully off of your fingers. Put the yarn on the table, with a separate string of yarn underneath, and tie a tight knot in the middle. Lastly, put the scissors through the yarn loop and cut the yarn. Do this to both sides. While you cut the yarn, shape it into a ball. Go to this website to see the steps. 


3. Bracelet bookmark: This bookmark is made the same way that you would make a hand-woven bracelet. These are *always* in style and your friends will be dying for you to make them their own!


4. Fabric scraps bookmark: Sew your scraps together to make a totally adorbs bookmark! These are perfect because you can pick any style fabric that you have left over and it can be virtually any size. You can also sew ribbon to the tops of them to make them pop. 


5. Paint sample bookmarks. These are entirely free to make! Just grab some paint chips from the hardware store and decorate anyway you'd like. Doodles and quotes are awesome starting points. You can also punch a hole in the top of one and tie a ribbon through it for an extra special touch.

Let us know which bookmark you plan to make. If you have any ideas for other bookmarks that you can make at home, let us know by commenting below.  

Photo credit: Instagram/BookDiva401


by Mary Kate Biser | 9/9/2017