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LGBTQ+ books you *need* to read based on your favorite romance tropes

There's something magical about a trope done right. Whether it's a first kiss after 400 pages of pining or an intense rivalry between two enemies, tropes can be comforting, exciting and powerful. Not only do these books have squeal-worthy romances with all the tropes you already know and love—they also have a wide variety of representation. Whether you prefer slow burns or enemies-to-lovers, you'll be up all night finishing these books!

Slowburn: She Gets the Girl by Rachael Lippincott and Alyson Derrick

Amazon, $13

Goodreads score: 4.22
Alex and Molly are two college students, but they couldn't be less alike. Alex is a chronic flirt while Molly prefers to confide solely in her mom.  When Alex finds out about Molly's secret crush, she volunteers to help Molly "get the girl" to prove to her ex she's not selfish. As Alex and Molly help each other, they both start to wonder if they're going after the right girl...or if their perfect match is someone they least expect. This pageturner has everything: Relatable characters, amazing jokes and a romance that'll make you swoon.

Secrety Identities: Super Adjacent by Crystal Cestari

Amazon, $12

Goodreads score: 3.65
In a world of superheroes, romance isn't always easy. Claire, an intern at superhero headquarters Warrior Nation, finds herself intertwined with Girl Power, an annoying and egotistical superhero who can't seem to leave her alone. Meanwhile Bridgette has to deal with famous superhero Vaporizer (aka her boyfriend) who's too busy saving the city to ever see her. The two stories interchange as Claire and Bridgette learn how to be the non-super half in a relationship. This book has both enemies-to-lovers *and* secret identities, a combo that'll leave you reading well into the night.

Forced Promximity: Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

Amazon, $14

Goodread scores: 4.33
Yadriel has a problem: After trying to prove himself a real brujo (sorcerer) to his traditional Latinx family, he accidently summons a ghost—and now the ghost won't leave alone. Meet Julian, school bad boy and new ghost, who's determined to learn what happened to him before he disappears permanently. As they try to solve the mystery, Yadriel and Julian are forced to question if they truly want to leave each other. Beautifully written and engaging, this coming-of-age story is a must-read for any book lover.

Enemies-to-Lovers: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Amazon, $13

Goodreads score: 4.19
Simon is the Chosen One at the Watford School of Magicks. He hates his powers—almost as much as he hates Baz, his roommate. Baz can't stand Simon and can hardly believe that his idiotic roommate has to save the world. As Simon and Baz finish their final year of school, they have to grapple with their shared history and strong feelings for each other. Carry On is almost like if Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter were roommates—but with feelings for each other much stronger than just that of enemies. 

Fake Dating: She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen

Amazon, $13

Goodreads score: 4.04
After basketball star Scottie crashes her car directly into the car of her nemesis Irene, they're forced to carpool. Although the rides start rocky, Scottie soon bribes Irene into a fake-dating scheme that'll increase her social standing and get back at her ex. The fine line between friends and something more becomes blurred as Irene and Scottie start dealing with their real feelings. Romantic, fun and full of drama, this book has something for everyone.

Meet Cute: Meet Cute Diary by Emery Lee

Amazon, $14

Goodreads score: 3.35
Noah runs the Meet Cute Diary blog, a wildly popular website full of stories of happy trans relationships. The only problem? Noah made up the stories—and he's just been exposed. Thankfully he meets Drew, who agrees to fake-date Noah to save the blog. Soon Noah has to decide to follow the script or follow his heart. This book has *all* of the meet-cutes your heart desires (even if some of them are fictional). Read for a realistic, sweet and interesting romance.

Happy reading!

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