TFW you find out your crush is finally single: in GIFs

If you have ever had a crush on someone who is taken, then you know the agony of standing by while they post their #relationshipgoals pics alllll over social media—it's torture! Not that you'd wish ill on anyone, but that "OMG, my crush is single again!" feeling is honestly one of the best feelings in the world. Don't know what we mean? Allow these GIFs to explain.

1. Disbelief

You think: There is *no* way they're actually broken up this time. They've fought before, so I'm sure they'll be back together tomorrow. I can't get my hopes up like last time. 

2. Excitement

You think: It's been a couple days and they're still broken up—OMG, he's actually single! I can hardly contain my excitement. This is my chance. BRB, gotta do a happy dance with the girls and go get my guy!

3. Relief

You think: Finally, I don't have to be the supportive friend anymore when he talks to me about her. I don't have to try so hard to hide my true feelings. Eeee!

4. Hope

You think: I'm *really* hoping it works out between us. I've been silently crushing for so long, and I'm crossing my fingers that this goes to plan. I already know it's meant to be, so it's time he caught on!

5. Happiness

You think: OK, I've had a chance to calm down—sort of—but I still find myself smiling randomly or bursting out into song or dance when I remember that he could soon be *my* BF. Coupledom, here we come!

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by Natalie Bland | 9/9/2019