How much $$$ should you spend on your BF/GF's holiday prezzie?

Ah, the holidays. They're the most wonderful time of the year, of course. But as we get older, this time of cheer becomes a little less magical and more anxiety inducing. Why? Well, you're expected to buy gifts for the people you care about—your mom, dad, grandma and that pesky little brother of yours—including your new boyfriend/girlfriend. A new boo may be uncharted territory in the relatively new realm of gift giving. No worries, though. Buying prezzies won't be *as* stressful as it seems with these helpful hints.

First and foremost, remember to budget. As much as you may care deeply for this new romance in your life, family comes first. Make sure you have enough money to get something nice for mom and dad before you go searching for things for your bae and your friends.

Speaking of mom and dad, do they give out Christmas cash? If so, you’re in luck. Since you probably weren’t going to see your boo on Christmas day, or maybe not even until school starts back up, use that nice holiday money to buy something for your guy or girl (be sure to set some dough aside for yourself, too). Not only will you have more time to think about what they might like, you won’t have the added pressure of Christmas shopper crowds and—hello!—just think about the after-Christmas sales!

Before you even start shopping, though, think about where you are in your relationship. A relatively new situation may not require that you break the bank getting each other gifts. Especially if you’re working with an allowance or your summer job stash. Maybe instead of getting each other gifts, suggest a Secret Santa with your friend group. This way you know for certain they’ll get a gift, even if it's not from you specifically. Still want them to have something special? Try something handmade or baked goods. It’s super thoughtful and shows how you feel about that person way more than a new shirt from the mall ever could.

Definitely going with a gift? Try asking them if they want anything specific. Yep, it's that easy. You can just ask them! You can also think back to things they may have mentioned on a trip to the mall or while watching some commercial. This shows that you actually listen to what they’re saying, which means a lot.

Lastly, don’t stress. If you just can’t swing a gift this year, it shouldn’t be the end of the world. Christmas is first and foremost about spending time with loved ones and appreciating the little things. If this new boo is the one for you, they’ll stick around, Christmas gift or not.

How are you and your bae spending the holidays? Are you buying them a gift? Sound off below!

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by Cydnii Jones | 11/14/2018