4 ways to keep it cool around your crush

We've all been there—you see your crush walking down the hallway, and all of a sudden your heart is pounding and your stomach is in knots. Should you say something? Will they smile at you? Annnnnd...they're gone. Good news: it doesn't have to be like that. We've got the four best tips for keeping it cool around your crush—it's easier than ya think!

Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident
Seeing your crush already makes ya nervous. Why make it worse by worrying that your skirt is riding up or your straps are going to fall down? Wearing your fave clothes is a great way to feel confident and cool.

Remember, they're just a human being
THey might seem totally perfect (those eyes! that smile! their sense of humor!), but here's a hint: they're not. They get nervous, they have off days and don't always know what to say—just like you. We're not saying you have to point out their zits or the food in their teeth to make yourself feel better, but it's crucial to remember that they're just a person. You *can* have a normal convo with them.

Don’t be overly flirtatious, but don’t clam up
It's easy to think that the only way to get a his/her attention is by being a total flirt. Batting eyelashes, playful arm touches...the works. While this can work sometimes, it can become overkill super quickly (Not everyone wants a cutesy nickname, for starters). So be cautious, but don't clam up, either. Remember in elementary school when you would basically freeze out a guy just so he'd never know you dug him? Yeah, that strategy just isn't going to work anymore. Just be yourself!

Casual conversation
If you’re stressing about talking to your crush, you should try to think of casual, common points of interest to talk about (and, if you're super nervous, maybe think about planning out when to chat with him/her). If you know he's/she's on the basketball team and you have homeroom together, you can ask him/her what the score for yesterday’s game was in homeroom. If you see him/her at lunch, you could stop and ask him/her for the homework in second period. Striking up a casual conversation about a topic you both have in common will give you something easy and relaxing to chat about. Things might start to flow, and who knows what will happen then?

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by Victoria Franco | 12/24/2017
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