We bet you and your sweetie haven't tried these 6 winter dates!

The holiday season is *so* romantic. And with all that magic in the air, it's easy to find yourself feeling the warm fuzzies toward that hottie in Health or the BGF you're always sorta-kinda a thing with. Why not warm up your winter with a picture-perfect date?  

1. Go ice skating.
It's a classic for a reason—adorable wobbling, totally reasonable excuse to hold hands, chance to wear those fab fuzzy earmuffs your aunt bought you...perfect. Grab some cocoa and conversation when you're done to double the fun.

2.  Hit a hockey game.
By this point, football is pretty much finished, and basketball hasn't quite kicked off. Shake things up by hitting the rink with your honey and take bets on who will win. Loser buys nachos!

3. Try out the toboggan.
Everyone likes sledding, minus the whole trekking uphill part. Grab a group for a no-pressure gathering, or slide onto your sweetie's sled and go tandem. *Heart eyes*  

4. Sweeten things up.
Too cold to venture out? Cue the Mariah and cozy up in the kitchen for a gingerbread house contest—then shamelessly snack on all the leftover candy.

5. See the lights.
Ton of places have walking or drive-through Christmas light displays. They're cute, cheap and oh-so-sweet.

6. Build a snowman
Do you want to build a snowman? Of course you do. It's basically the most Instagram-able date of all time.

Have fun—and don't forget to hang the mistletoe!

What's your fave winter date idea? Let us know below!


by Danielle Bryant | 12/29/2017
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