5 ways to strike up a convo with your crush


Trust us, it's easier than it seems.

1. Use school (or work) to your advantage

If you have a class or activity with your crush, you’ve already got an in. Now, we’re not saying play the damsel in distress by asking for unnecessary help, but if you’re both in the same math class, maybe suggest doing some homework together. Are you both in the school play? Suggest meeting up to run over your lines.

2. Compliment him

Nothing butters a cutie up like a slick compliment. Do you like their sweater or shoes? Let them know. Complimenting your crush tells them you’re paying attention to the smaller details—and everyone likes to hear nice things about themselves.

3. Bring up a common interest

Have you noticed him reading a book you’ve wanted to read? Maybe you overheard her talk at lunch about your favorite movie. Whatever the topic, bring it up! Talking about things that you have in common makes for a much better conversation than bringing up the weather.

4. Ask an open-ended question

Avoid questions where your crush can get away with simple “yes” or “no” answers. If they have to think a little harder, odds are they'll be more likely to continue the convo.

5. Introduce yourself

Nothing is better than walking straight up to that cutie and saying hi. You may have to take a few minutes to silently freak out, but after a good pep talk you’ll be ready to go.

How do you talk to your crush? Tell us your tips in the comments.


by Caitlin Callihan | 4/6/2016
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