DIY makeup for beauty babes on a budget


If you're a girl who loves makeup, you also hate the price tag. Buying eyeliner, foundation, makeup remover, palettes, etc. gets *so* expensive. Fortuately, you can save a ton of money just by making your own makeup at home.  Check out the DIYs below.

It's always horrible when you appear too oily and your makeup starts to look bad or even too dry. No worries! These two homemade primers can be made with ingredients readily available like water and glycerin or even your foundation, moisturizer and aloe. The aloe will help treat acne and moisturize your skin, too.

Makeup remover wipes 
Taking off your makeup at night is the bane of *every* girl's existence. It's time-consuming and a pain, not to mention that wipes at a store can sometimes contain harsh chemicals. These homemade wipes with olive oil and coconut oil are all natural and will guarantee a fresh face.

Brush cleaner 
Not cleaning your makeup brushes properly = spreading bacteria around your face. Yikes! For this easy homemade recipe, you'll use a cup of water, a nourishing oil of your choice, some baby mild castile soap and witch hazel.

Nothing beats a nice glow in the summertime. But instead of spending close to $40 on highlighters, why not achieve glistening skin naturally? Check out this homemade highlighter cream . And guess what? All you need is a not so thick moisturizer and a powder shadow that suits your skintone!

There's no better way to finish off your face than with some color to make your cheeks pop. This blush is made solely from ingredients you can eat so you *know* it's safe.

Have you ever tried making your own makeup? Let us know how it went below! 

by Timi Awoyinka | 7/12/2018