Up your locker game with these chic DIYs

Believe it or not, lockers do a lot more than house heavy books. Whether you're a makeup maniac, band babe or student body president, showing your locker a little love promises a big payoff. We've gathered some simple DIYs to make your locker chic, organized and unique below.


Creative Clothespins
Hang up your photos, upcoming assignments or study reminders in style. Trust us: DIY Glittered Clothespins are worth the work.


Hanging Organizer
You'll never dig through your purse for a pen againthis Personalized Locker Organizer puts everything in its place. 


Washi Tape Wonderland
These super fun DIYs are the most affordable way to arrange your school supplies. With Washi Tape Locker Accesories, you'll be cool and coordinated.


Elegant Magnets
These BTS Locker Magnets are so pretty, you'll feel bad leaving them in your locker. Magnets can be jewelry, right?

How do you class up your school locker? Share your best school deco DIY tips in the comments! 

by Julia Bonney | 9/19/2017
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