5 amazing DIYs to save for your next snow day

As much as we all love school, during the winter we can’t help but wish for a snow day. You know, an extra day to relax or do the homework we conveniently "forgot" to do the night before. The downside to a perfect no-school snow day is that it can be hard to find things to do in those eight hours. There's only so much Netflix binging a gal can do! Instead, get crafty with these five DIYs to make your snow day shine.

Paper Mache Animal Heads
This unicorn paper mache is totes adorbs and will make a great addition to any room. But if unicorns aren't your thing–don't fret–you can use these instructions to make any animal or character you'd like.

Ice Cream in a Bag
This DIY combines science and food, and we are all for that. Even though you're snowed in for the day, school can still be in session.

Astrology Galaxy Mugs
These mugs are so cute and can be personalized based on your star signs. Bonus: find your moon signs to create your own little collection. These would make great birthday gifts for your squad.

Rainbow Disco Ball
This new take on a disco ball is totally groovy-chic and will keep you busy for hours. Customize the color and pattern to fit your personality. 

Chalkboard Wall
Update your room with a chalkboard wall. This geometric one is super trendy and it only takes up a small portion of your wall. Win!

What DIY will you try next snow day? Let us know in the comments below!


by Britnee Wright | 1/30/2018