3 DIY Valentine's Day gifts for your besties

With Valentine's Day around the corner, you may be freaking about what to say to your secret crush or what to buy your BF. Take a break from the stress with these DIY gifts to give to the girls who will always be by your side...your BFFs!

Candy Bouquet
Let your girls know how sweet you think they are with this yummy gift. 

What you'll need:
Hot glue gun/Superglue
4 candy boxes
Small plastic gift bag
Candy (i.e. M&Ms, Snickers, Kit Kats, Twix, Airheads)
Wooden skewers


1. Hot glue/Super glue the four candy boxes together vertically to create a "vase" for the bouquet. 
2. Place gift bag in the "vase" and glue it to the sides of the boxes. 
3. Glue candy to the wooden skewers, making sure that they're tall enough to stick out of the top of the vase. Also be sure some candies are at different heights so that they all fit inside the vase. 
4. Tie ribbon around the vase in a bow. To ensure the ribbon doesn't slip, you can glue it to the vase. 

Cute Canvases
Do away with cards this year and express your love with a canvas instead. 

What you'll need:
Canvas (find at craft stores, any size works)
Acrylic paints (Any pigmented colors. This example uses white and pink.)
Pencil and eraser
Optional: Letter stencil

1. Paint the top half of your canvas completely white (even if it's already white) and paint the bottom half completely pink. 
2. Blend the two halves together so that the canvas is ombré, going from white at the top to dark pink at the bottom. (This is where having a pigmented color comes in handy.) In the middle, there should be a light pink and medium pink. Imagine there are four rectangles going across the canvas, each one becoming a darker shade of pink. 
3. In the appropriate color, use a straightedge to paint lines that actually cut the canvas into four rectangles. The lines should be horizontal across the canvas.  
4. Wait for the canvas to dry.
5. In the second rectangle from the top, paint the word "love" in white paint. This is where you may use a stencil if you want. Otherwise, you can just freehand the letters. If you're freehanding the letters, you may want to sketch them with your pencil first. 
6. In the next rectangle down, paint "never" and in the rectangle after that paint "fails."
7. Let the canvas dry. 
8. In the top right corner, draw (and then paint) a half circle of small pink hearts, hanging from the corner and falling into the painting.
9. Wait for the canvases to dry before giving it to friends!

Post-It Love Notes
Let your BFFs know how much you love them today and every day with these daily post-it notes.

What you'll need:
Heart-shaped Post-it notes (or regular ones if you can't find hearts)
Gel pens, sharpies, markers, etc.

1. Write the date (starting with Feb. 14) on the top of the Post-it. 
2. Write a short message to your friend about why you love them, why they inspire you, why you're glad to have them as a friend, an inside joke, some words of encouragement, quotes, etc. (You can also add doodles or make the entire note for that day a drawing.)
3. Do this for every note until you get to the end of the pack.
4. Tip: Use different colored Post-it notes and write your messages in fun colors!

What are you gifting your besties this V-Day? Share in the comments!


by Alyson Trager | 2/6/2019