You *donut* want to miss this fab DIY

Donut you love a good DIY? We do too! Especially, when they remind us of our favorite sweet treats. That's why we are drooling over this fun and fab cork board. But don't worry, we have no problem sharing with you. Check it out below:  

What you will need
+ Scissors
+ Cork board
+ Paper plate (optional)
+ Chalk
+ Paint brush
+ Paint
+ Hot glue gun
+ Pom poms
+ Flat head push pins

1. With your parents help, cut the cork board into a circle. (If needed, trace a paper plate onto the cork board, to guarantee a perfect circle). This will become your "donut."
2. Sketch the icing onto the donut with chalk.
3. Using a paint brush, paint the icing onto your donut. 
4. While that dries, and with your parents help, hot glue the pom poms onto the flat/smooth part of the push pins. 
5. When it's dry, decorate your donut with your pictures, notes and *punny* donut phrases using the "sprinkle" push pins.

Need some donut quotes? We've got you covered.
In a world full of bagels, be a donut. 
The center of a donut is 100% fat free.
Eat more hole foods.
Donut kill my vibes. 
Donut give up.

Tell us in the comments below, what is your favorite donut flavor?

Photo and tutorial credit: Paint the Gown Red


by Alyshia Hull | 9/25/2019