DIY your own face mask with these cute patterns

You know what they say. Never leave home without the essentials: your purse, your keys and your...face mask?

Never thought that face masks would be an essential accessory? Neither did we. Keeping yourself and the people around you safe doesn't have to be a drag, though. Check out these 3 DIY face-masks for crafters and fashionistas of every skill level!

Just the basics


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Head over to Sewsquad for this easy way to turn your fave bandana into a super cute and comfy face mask. No needle and thread necessary!

Sew you think you're a pro?


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Simple fabric sound boring to you? Picture this: a *designer* face mask. Think we're joking? Think again! Check out the adorbs inspo above for how to upcycle your old dust bag or silk scarf. Who said social distancing had to be boring?

Which face mask DIY are you most excited to try? Comment your favorite below!


by Paris Johnson | 4/15/2020