Turn your Insta into a winter wonderland with this photo inspo


Snowy szn is right around the corner, which means now is the *perfect* time to curate a dreamy winter aesthetic for your Instagram feed. Using a frosty filter and filling your captions with snowflake emojis are great ways to add seasonal flair, but nothing beats having a festive photoshoot. To help you turn your regular feed into a legit winter wonderland, we’ve rounded up some of the best winter snaps sure to inspire your next post.

Fake a snowy scene


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No snow? No problem. Capture the essence of a snowy winter day with a white background, a shimmery outfit and plenty of paper snowflakes. Take a cue from Tori Kelly and make your decor double as props. It adds more depth to your pics *and* helps you avoid awkward hands. If you’d prefer a more dramatic pic, string some fairy lights around your backdrop for a little extra sparkle.

Load up on lights

If adding a little sparkle isn’t going to cut it, go big with your lights for an especially dazzling scene. As the pic above demonstrates, lights can actually look better with the blur that occurs when they’re out of focus. Posing in front of a decorated Christmas tree (with the lights on, of course) can create the same effect. Or, hold part of a light string in your hands for a prop that glows with holiday magic.

Rock PJs all day

You’re prob already living in your PJs over winter break. Why not make a photo shoot out of it? Don your most Christmassy matching pajamas (or a red and green onesie) and find a cozy backdrop for a more laid-back pic. It’s an easy way to add a festive photo to your feed without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Add something sweet


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One of the reasons winter is the most wonderful time of the year is because of all the yummy treats. Not only do they taste delish, but they’re usually picture-perfect. Fill up a mug with the cocoa of your choice, or pick up a seasonal cake pop to add winter flair to an otherwise regular photo. Just be sure you’ve gotten some snaps you like *before* you snack on your prop.

Don’t forget your sweater


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Looking cute and staying comfy? Yes, please! Even though they’ve gained a rep as "ugly," extra-festive sweaters are lowkey adorable. Find the sweater that speaks to you and get ready to strike a pose. The cozy ensemble is perfect for a ring light-ready photoshoot indoors. Amp up the festive feels with corny hats like the ones in the pic above.

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Title/Header Image: Instagram/Lena Saibel


by Bailey Bujnosek | 11/23/2020