We found a cute summer craft to fit ~every~ vibe

The countdown to summer begins (or, for a lucky few, maybe it's already here). And with long days of vacay ahead, it's the perfect time to elevate your DIY dreams. Whether you're painting watercolors by the pool or packing adorbs stickers for you and your sis on your next fam road trip, we've got all your fun-in-the-sun projects covered (thanks, OOLY). Scroll on for some ~major~ inspo... 

The vibe: Rainy day relaxing
The essentials: Watercolor paints + double-ended markers

Updating your school year scrapbook? Creating a masterpiece to capture your sunny beach memories? These sweet supplies from OOLY are your ultimate crafting companion. Turn up your lo-fi beats and tap into your inner artist.
Get them here: Chroma Blends Travel Watercolor Palette, Stampables Scented Double-Ended Stamp Markers

The vibe: Vacay with the fam
The essentials: Sticker stash + coloring kit
From the butterfly garden to your long-awaited lakeside vacay, keep your creativity levels sky-high when you're on the go. With so many stickers to choose from (and not to mention the super sweet stackable crayons), you'll be able to leave your mark (and share with your squad, ofc).
Get them here: Girl Boss Sticker Stash, Mini Traveler Coloring and Activity Kit

The vibe: Refreshing your room
The essentials: Scratch art + reusable stickers
Summer is the perfect time to play interior designer. And whether you're adding some new throw pillows to your space or rearranging your book shelf by color (major points for the aesthetic), sometimes you just *need* a reset. Whoever said life wasn't all rainbows and butterflies was *seriously* mistaken.
Get them here: Funtastic Friends Scratch and Scribble Mini Scratch Art Kit, Mini On-The-Go Activity Kit — Pet Play Land

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by GL | 6/1/2022