Creative gingerbread house kits to decorate this year

A highlight of the holiday season? Decorating gingerbread houses, ofc. But, if you're tired of the same old traditional gingerbread houses you've made year after year, we put together a list of unique gingerbread creations you can decorate instead. Keep reading for some major inspo.

1. Holiday Barn

Target, $13

Why stick to the classic gingerbread house when you can make an amazing holiday barn like this one? Not only does all that red icing look delicious, but those gingerbread farm animals are just adorable!

2. Holiday Express

Walmart, $10

This gingerbread house is so creative, it's technically not even a house. Still, this holiday express kit looks like so much fun to decorate! With various types of icing and candies to trim the train with, this kit doubles as a tasty treat and an amazing decoration.

3. Tree House

Target, $13

OK, this just might be the treehouse of our dreams. Complete with gumdrops, bright-colored candy and adorable wreath decorations, this creative gingerbread kit is a breath of fresh air compared to the traditional houses we're used to. 

4. Surf Shack

Walmart, $15

Whoever said all gingerbread houses have to look like they belong in the North Pole? This kit features Santa's surf shack and includes glitter sugar to create the perfect sand effect. Christmas at the beach? Count me in.

5. Holiday Camper

World Market, $11

If you're all about the granola girl aesthetic, then this is the gingerbread house for you. It combines gingerbread house staples such as red frosting and holiday light candies with an outdoorsy vibe. So cute!

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by Melanie Dowling | 12/17/2022