5 adorable desserts to serve at your next tea party

Tired of going to the mall with your gal pals every weekend? It's time to spice up your next hangout with an oh-so-adorable *and* aesthetic tea party. Grab your closest buds, bust out your prettiest plates...but wait! Can't forget the most important part of any tea party: treats. From finger sandwiches to mini tarts and cupcakes, we've got you covered with alll the must-have snacks for your Insta-worthy bash. 

1. Finger sandwiches


Not only does this authentic tea party staple make you feel like you're dining with royalty, but finger sandwiches are super easy to prep. Simply make the sandwich of your choosing and slice into small pieces to make them tiny and adorable. (Pro tip: If you want to stay extra true to the British way of making them, opt for cream cheese and cucumbers or smoked salmon.)

2. Glowed-up Pop Tarts


Tbh, it doesn't get much more exciting than the childhood staple that is Pop Tarts. Check out this recipe to make the tarts of your dreams (and, ofc, remember to snap tons of pics before you eat them). 

3. Pavlova


Never heard of Pavlova? This meringue-like dish has a crispy outside and a marshmallow-like inside, giving off *all* the tea party vibes. After you follow along with this recipe, don't forget to top it with loads of colorful fruits to make it pop.

4. Bundt cakes 


Bundt cakes are gorgeous round cakes with the best glaze on top, *and* they're super pretty to look at. Don't trust us? You'll have to try it for yourself (recipe here). It'll steal the show at your party for sure. 

5. Cupcakes 


Cupcakes = the best choice to complete your tea party (for obvious reasons...who doesn't heart 'em?). Don't know where to start? Check out this recipe for strawberries and cream cupcakes that won't disappoint.

We can't wait to see your desserts.
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by Eva Mandelbaum | 2/5/2023