Light up your room with these *bright* ideas

Getting the right lighting in your bedroom is just about as important as getting the perfect light for your selfie--it highlights all the right angles and can really make or break the whole vibe in your space. You don't have to settle for a boring overhead light, either. From retro lamps to DIY-ing with twinkly lights, we've got you covered. 


Yarn lanterns
These multi-colored lanterns are a fun way to subtly liven up any living space.  


DIY firefly lamp
This mini lamp offer the perfect amount of extra light to brighten up your desk or bedside table. Decorate to best fit your bedroom asthetic.  


Star lights 
Sleep under the (fake) stars with these strands and feel like you're out in nature.


Hanging bulbs 
Swap your bedside lamp for a hanging bulb. So trendy chic. 


LED signs 
Neon signs are definitely in style. Bring the trend into your bedroom with cool sayings like "Dream on" or "Sweet dreams" floating above your head.  


Origami lanterns 
These lovely lights add the perfect amount of airy feng shui to your room. 


Cotton clouds
Bring the outdoors indoors with this dreamy DIY. Try it out here!


Cloth chandelier 
A whimsical take on a classic chandelier. This earthy cloth amp would look *amaze* in your laid-back bedroom oasis. 


Boho light wall
Keep Christmas lights up year round to create an ethereal wall of twinkly lights. Try out this DIY here.  

How do you decorate your room with lights? Comment with your styling tips below! 

Photo credit: Pinterest, Instagram/UrbanOutfittersHome

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by Karlyn Sykes | 4/4/2019