The 5 easiest (and cutest) ways to bring mood lighting into your room

Now that the weather's getting colder, your room *has* to get cuter (you're spending even more time in it, right?!). The perf way to add that extra touch of cute? Mood lighting, ofc. Adding different types of lighting to your room is the easiest way to complete whatever vibe your room has. 

Fairy lights

Fairy lights: Pinterest

Fairy lights are an OG staple in the mood lighting community, and it's not just because they're adorable, but because you can decorate with them in *so* many different ways. String them over your mirror to perfect your mirror selfies or above your bed to light up your late-night TikTok watching. 

LED strip lights

LED lights: Pinterest

Is there *anything* more fun than changing the colors of your LED lights to match your vibe? Hang these along your ceiling to have an amaze color-changing room.

Salt lamps

Salt lamp: Pinterest

Not only do salt lamps add the perfect pink touch to your room, but they're also a great way to light up your bedside table. Place it down and turn it on for the perfect cozy vibes. 

Galaxy projectors

Galaxy lights: Pinterest

Galaxy projectors are literally *amazing* for adding a colorful, calming atmosphere to your room. Pair them with the LED strip lights for the best room to do your homework, film TikToks or just hang out with your friends.

Friendship lamps

Friendship lamp: Instagram

The only thing better than a color-changing lamp? A color-changing lamp that connects with your bestie. Simply pair the two lamps, and whenever you change your lamp's color, her lamp will change too. (Hint: create a code for lamp's colors, and communicate via lamp next time your phone dies.)

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Slider image: Instagram/TapestryGirls


by Serena Sherwood | 10/30/2020