How to transition your decor from fall to Christmas

It's that time of the year when the leaves have tumbled off their branches in a swirl of brilliant hues. Perhaps a fresh frosting of snow has even covered the foliage in a sparkly coat. With the transition from an autumn chill to a freezing winter blast comes the holiday season.

If you're ready to embrace the thrill of the holidays but aren't sure how to transform your room's current pumpkin patch vibe into a winter wonderland, you've come to the right place! Here are all the tips and tricks you need for your room to say au revoir to autumn and hello to the Christmas spirit.

Deep clean


Okay, maybe cleaning isn't the *best* step on your decorating agenda, but it's an essential start. The oncoming cold means you'll be spending a lot of time hauled up in your room, and no one wants to spend all their time somewhere messy (cramming for your French final requires candles, crystals and zero piles of old plates and stinky socks). It'll also prepare you for the actual decorating (aka when you realize the pumpkin adhesives you adorned your windows with for Halloween are still up). So grab the vacuum and cleaning spray and get to it. Turning on a holiday bops playlist isn't required, but is highly recommended.

Swap out scents

Who said decorating had to be pricey? A subtle smell can add tons of seasonal ambiance without costing a fortune (no need to head straight to Dollar Tree for Secret Santa after all). Replace "cinnamon pumpkin muffin" with "peppermint hot chocolate" (they are basically edible) or go for "wandering woods" for a piney scent to last all winter. You might even check out your holiday decor from last year and discover a half-burnt Christmas candle (maybe 20 ounces was too big after all). It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas...

Alter the color scheme


Sweater weather brings with it a long list of varying hues. As pumpkin spice turns to peppermint and maroons and rusts, ambers and pines are swapped out for scarlets and emeralds. However, this doesn't mean you have to completely give up your favorite fall shades. Red (the color and album, obvi) is a November essential: Maximize holiday vibes by adding hints of cherry and crimson throughout your room. Plaid is both an autumn *and* Christmas pattern, which can bring in splashes of color, too. Blankets and throw pillows can also add to the cheer (and keep you warm through the chill December nights). 

Add subtle touches

Back in September, your mini ceramic pumpkins and strand of fairy-light fall leaves were the perf tiny touches. But two months later, it's time to upgrade from Halloween to Christmas. To holiday-ify your room, look at ways you can reuse decor from previous years in a fresh way (the lopsided mini tree from your childhood would look brand new with a coat of sparkly white spray paint). Adding natural elements like pinecones or evergreen adds an outdoorsy touch and can work for autumn *and* winter. It's never too late to keep around some select fall pieces, either (the scarf and coat-clad stuffed owl sitting on your shelf can stay and watch over you all throughout the holidays without anyone batting an eye). 

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by Madeline Morrow | 11/26/2022