Eat Right

Turn your leftover candy into a healthier treat

Now that Halloween has come and gone, you’re probably left with tons of candy. From Snickers to Twix -- let's face it, the urge to eat it all is there. But not so fast, sistah! There's no reason to ruin your healthy eating streak. Pair these sugar-filled wrappers with something just a tad bit healthier, that way you can satisfy your sweet tooth -- minus all the guilt!


  • 1_creamcheese.jpg

    Chocolate chip cream cheese dip

    This yummy recipe will make any veggie taste better. Just crunch up some of your fave candy and replace the chocolate chips in this recipe. Pack some in a to-go cup with carrots and you'll have the perf afternoon treat.

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  • 3_chocolatedip.jpg

    Chocolate Veggie Dip

    Say good-bye to eating celery with peanut butter and hello to this mouth-watering creation. Take your chocolate candy bars and melt em' down for a chocolate-lovers dream. Banana, check. Strawberries, check. Chocolate? check check.

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  • 4_bananadippers.jpg

    Dipped Bananas

    Forget store-bought toppings and use your leftover candy! Dip your bananas in crunched up Reese’s, Three Musketeers and Snickers for an utterly amazing treat.

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by Caitlin Moynihan | 2/1/2016