Be safe on your next run!

Word's out that one of our favorite actresses, Reese Witherspoon, was out jogging near her home in Santa Monica on Wednesday when she was hit by a car. Don't worry, she's okay!  But it made us wonder, could the same thing happen to you on your weekly run? So, babes, next time you're out and about getting your fill of exercise, keep these tips in mind to keep extra safe: 

Watch the earbuds.
Sure it's much more fun to work out while listening to some good tunes, but having those headphones in also prevents you from hearing the things going on around you.  Ditto goes to listening to music while bike-riding. Try keeping only one headphone in at a time, or run sans music and listen to the sounds of nature instead. Wait, is that what birds sound like?

Keep it bright.
When you're taking the sidewalks alongside roads, it can be hard for passing cars to see dull colors that blend in, like greens or blues.  Always wear bright colors that can be easily seen, like these neon faves. As if you needed an excuse to buy that hot pink tank?!

Run with the sun.
The darker it is, the more dangerous it gets.  You never know what could pop out of those bushes at night. Only go on your runs while the sun is up.

Stay hydrated!
You're on the move, so of course you're bound to get farther and farther away from your house.  If you run out of energy or feel sick along the way because you didn't drink enough, it'll be pretty darn hard to make it back home.  Keeping a water bottle with you is a definite do!

Grab a friend.
Before you check out any new jogging hot spots, grab a friend and scout it out. You'll want to be aware of any rough patches or big holes that you could possibly lead to a twisted ankle. Don't forget to avoid trails that don't get much people-traffic, just in case.  It's always safer with others nearby.


by Jordan Sarnovsky | 2/1/2016