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Period tracking apps that'll make your life a little easier


Mother Nature is a real trickster. She never comes when she’s supposed to, and when she finally decides to show up, it’s completely without warning. Yep, it seems like she’ll never learn her lesson—but lucky for you, we found four ways to predict when she’s sneakin’ up on ya. Scroll through the slideshow for our favorite period tracking apps.


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    Period Plus

    Let's face it: When it's your time of the month, you're left feeling blah and down right cranky. We love this tracking app because it not only tells you when you’ll be surfin’ the crimson wave, but it also flashes inspirational quotes to lift your spirits all week long!

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    Women Calendar Period Tracker

    When you’re on the rag, your body is going through tons of weird changes—both physical and emotional. This app lets you record weight changes, mood swings, and pretty much anything you want. So, next time you're are the gyno you can give them your recorded deets on the fly.

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    If you can't remember when you're time of the month is due, P-Log might be the way to go. This app does a daily count down to tell you when you’re cycle is on its way. It also gives a friendly reminder to stash some tamps and pads in your bag so you don't have any "oopsie" moments.

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    Period Tracker Lite

    This app provides a cal to track the arrival of your period, plus you'll love the easy-read-graph that displays your symptoms so you can chat em' up with your doc! Don't forget to personalize your deets with 4 totally cute backgrounds to choose from, um...#bonus.

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by Laurise McMillian | 2/1/2016
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