Blush Much

This girl made a fool of herself on the first day!

It was the first day of school and we had just gotten our schedules in homeroom. I was so wrapped up in talking to my friends and scoping out cute boys that I guess I didn't read mine too well. Anyway, the bell for first period rang and I looked down and could have sworn I saw English-Room 203. I walked into 203 and immediately noticed Chase—he's super cute and a year ahead of me in school. I sat down next to him, hoping that the teacher, Mr. Minardo, wouldn't move our seats. When Mr. Minardo started taking attendance, though, something weird happened: He didn't call my name! I raised my hand and let him know, and he got so angry with me. "Well, you're not on my list—go to the office!" he said. At that moment the principal came on the loudspeaker and said, "Jill McDonnaugh, report to 201 immediately!" Yep, I had read my schedule wrong and was in the wrong room. So much for sitting next to Chase!

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by GL | 8/26/2019