Blush Much

This girl stepped in poop at the *worst* possible moment

I was getting ice cream with my fam at this cute shop in town. There's no room to sit inside, so people just kind of hang out on the curb and finish their treats—it's super chill. I was almost done with my rocky road waffle cone when my dad looked up and said to me and my sisters, "Did one of you step in dog poop? It really stinks!" We all checked our sneaks and, of course, it was me! I started rubbing the bottom of my shoe on the curb to get it off when I locked eyes with Ben, my crush of like 1,000 years. He actually came running up to me which would have been awesome at literally any other moment. I tried to play it cool and we talked a little about going back to school, but within like 45 seconds I saw his cute little nose scrunch up. He must have gotten a whiff of my shoe because he didn't even finish our convo and ran away before I could explain what was going on. We started school last week and he's totally ignoring me now. UGH!

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by GL | 9/3/2019