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Your typical zodiac crush (and who you should try dating instead)

The stars are saying it's time to reconsider your romantic prospects.

Valentine's Day is coming fast...and it feels like everyone is contemplating their crushes. Sun signs can definitely tell you a lot about a potential bae but, tbh, some of the most common pairings aren't necessarily the best matches for us—especially when you consider the complexity of each person's birth chart.

Compatibility is always key when it comes to crushing, but sometimes we settle for the familiar instead of seeking out someone who will challenge us (in good ways) and help us grow into the best version of ourselves. 

So in the spirit of opening our minds (and hearts) to new people (yes, even Geminis and Scorpios), may we present each sign's typical crush...and then what sign just might be your secret soulmate.


TYPICAL CRUSH: LEO. Leos dazzle you with their magnetism and charisma. When you're around them, you dream about becoming the other half of a truly dynamic power couple.

CONSIDER: LIBRA. Libras have some of the same qualities as Leos (they're also great with crowds and draw people into their circles), but they're a bit more egalitarian, so you won't feel like you're fighting for the limelight. They know when to step back and give you a spot to shine.


TYPICAL CRUSH: CAPRICORN. Like you, this earth sign is defined by hard work and a love for the finer things in life. One of the first things you might notice about them is how they always seem so put-together (well-dressed no. matter. what.).  

CONSIDER: VIRGO. Virgos share your intense work ethic, but also put a lot of their energy into relationships. Virgos steadfastly show up for the important people in their lives—and teach you, Taurus, to do the same. 


TYPICAL CRUSH: LIBRA. Libra's chattiness and ease in groups feel familiar to you as an air sign. You can easily see yourself being best friends in love, with an ever-growing, harmonious friend group to boot. 

CONSIDER: SAGITTARIUS. Sags are notorious for speaking the (sometimes uncomfy) truth, which makes you cringe at first. But they do so because they're one of the most honest signs out there. An adventurous spirit, they inspire you to be more authentically yourself. 


TYPICAL CRUSH: SCORPIO. Bold truth-seekers, Scorps can feel like the opposite of how you operate. You're drawn to their probing questions—even though, when directed at you, they can also make you incredibly nervous.  

CONSIDER: CAPRICORN. Grounded and firm, Capricorns can be intimidating but also really refreshing. Around them, you'll feel more comfortable coming out of your shell because they'll give you the breathing room you need to take up more space in the world. Ahh...  


TYPICAL CRUSH: SAGITTARIUS. You're attracted to Sags' adventurousness and outgoing, fiery personalities, especially when you see them ruffle a few feathers yet seem unbothered.  

CONSIDER: AQUARIUS. The most humanitarian sign in the zodiac, you two can get into deep discussions about changing the world—or even team up to actually do it. Being with them makes you feel like you're a part of something bigger, which is always a great feeling to have.


TYPICAL CRUSH: TAURUS. Their tireless work ethic and intrinsic seriousness feel comforting and familiar to you. Like you, they're someone who manages to do it all and still somehow make it look super easy. 

CONSIDER: PISCES. The water sign values emotions, creativity and living life a little more spontaneously—all things you like deep down but tend to be a bit wary of. But that's what makes Pisces such an alluring match: They can guide you to being more in touch with how you feel. 


TYPICAL CRUSH: ARIES. Aries are intriguing because they tend to subtly command attention wherever they go and feel like natural leaders. If you're in the middle of a big group, they're the ones boldly attracting others' attention.

CONSIDER: GEMINI. Gems can have friend vibes because you're both such similar, social signs. But that's actually a great thing: They're people you can trust and communicate with more easily, bringing about deeper and more vulnerable convos.  


TYPICAL CRUSH: PISCES. While you can keep your emotions close to your chest, Pisces are very candid with how they feel—you trust and admire their candor. 

CONSIDER: TAURUS. Talking feelings is important...but sometimes a double-water-sign combo can lead to a frequent rehashing of grievances with no tangible solutions in sight. That's why a sturdy sign like Taurus can be such a solid partner. They listen attentively, but also help you troubleshoot and calm your worst suspicions. 


TYPICAL CRUSH: GEMINI. Gems have a reputation for being inconsistent, but you find that aspect of them magnetizing. They're never boring—and always keep you on your toes. 

CONSIDER: ARIES. Aries matches your ambitious and adventurous energy, but they have a talent for narrowing their focus on things that truly matter to them. They really appreciate when people root for them, so they'll be your biggest cheerleader when you inevitably accomplish all you've set your sights on.


TYPICAL CRUSH: CANCER. You relate to Cancer's loyal, introverted side—and think their silence is an indicator of depth. As a hardworking earth sign, you feel compelled to crack their shell. 

CONSIDER: SCORPIO. Like Cancers, Scorps get deep—but are more likely to vocalize how they feel. Their emotional boldness pairs well with your go-getter attitude in life: They inspire you to speak more freely about what irks you, no matter how small. With them, you can reach new levels of true connection. 


TYPICAL CRUSH: AQUARIUS. One of the most unique signs, you often seek out someone as unusual as you are. With another Aquarius, you feel assured that you won't be judged for your most out-there thoughts. 

CONSIDER: LEO. While you can intellectualize a lot in conversation, Leo is warm and enthusiastic, hanging on to every word you say while also showing you that not every discussion needs to be about changing the status quo or pushing boundaries. 


TYPICAL CRUSH: VIRGO. You're sensitive enough to notice when a Virgo is doing the most for others—and you love how they revel in order and consistency (vs. your creativity and spontaneity). 

CONSIDER: CANCER. A fellow water sign, Cancer is likely to be on the same page as you on so many topics. With them, you feel like you can share your wildest ideas or unload about the most vulnerable topics—and feel supported the whole way. This bond pushes you to be your fullest self without shame.  

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by Lily Johnson | 2/11/2023