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What Wednesday character you are, based on your star sign

Netflix's new show Wednesday has us all dancing, buying typewriters and dressing a little more emo. But which character is *totally* you? Let your zodiac sign determine if you're a bubbly werewolf or more of a spunky decapitated hand...

Aries: Bianca Barclay


An Aries always appreciates a bit of a challenge. You're a confident competitor to the core and take the lead every chance you can get. Bianca is motivated to accomplish all her goals, just like you.

Taurus: Thing


You're everybody's right-hand gal (get it?). Your friends and fam count on you because of your reliability and undying loyalty. Fist bump!

Gemini: Enid Sinclair


You're super sweet and love all things colorful, just like the coolest-roommate-ever Enid! Your total social butterfly personality helps you meet so many new people, and the school dances are where you thrive. Chit-chat it up, girl!

Cancer: Pugsley Addams 


Cancers are kind and considerate, similar to the youngest Addams family member Pugsley. You can get a bit emotional sometimes, but that's just because you care so much! Always make sure your friends reflect that sense of thoughtfulness back at you. 

Leo: Gomez Addams


There's nothing a Leo loves more than fiercely protecting their nearest and dearests, just like Wednesday's quirky father Gomez. Constantly proving your bravery, you would never back down from a fight (even if it's against a rampant monster!).

Virgo: Principal Weems


You are a logical and practical goddess! Everything in your life is organized, and schedules are a *must.* You can be a bit of a worry-wart for the people around you at times, so make sure to prioritize yourself. Grab a new red lipstick while you're at it.

Libra: Morticia Addams 


Hey, bestie! Libras are great listeners and definite extroverts. Both you and Morticia strive to avoid conflict as much as possible, but when it arises, you're inevitably the mediator. Loving the unproblematic vibes.

Scorpio: Wednesday Addams


The fencing, investigating, cello-playing queen herself! As a Scorpio, you have a ton of different interests that you are incredibly dedicated to. Some people may describe you as a little intense, but they just don't get your passion. Never stop striving for those goals.

Sagittarius: Ms. Thornhill


If you're a nurturing and loving Sag, you're obviously Ms. Thornhill (pre-episode 8, ofc). You are always down for a chat and are super understanding when people come to you with their problems. Don't forget to water those plants today!

Capricorn: Tyler Galpin


I'll have an iced matcha latte, pls! Caps are hard-working and honest, just like Tyler (also pre-episode 8). You put a lot of effort into both your career and relationships, and it totally pays off. Keep up the good work.

Aquarius: Eugene Ottinger


You're the coolest bumblebee in the hive. Everyone appreciates your unique intellect and clever sense of humor. Just like Eugene, you have some unusual hobbies (is bee-keeping a sport?), but your quirkiness is what makes you, you. Stay sweet!

Pisces: Xavier Thorpe


If you're a super artsy and imaginative Pisces, you're def Xavier. Forever fighting for what you believe in, you use art as a way to express yourself and your ideas. The other signs *wish* they had your eye for detail.

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by Julia Szymanski | 1/21/2023