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Here's how to clear your skin from the inside out

When you've bought every face wash from the skincare aisle and tried every hack on your FYP but *still* struggle with breakouts, it can feel like getting rid of your acne is totally impossible.

If you feel like the endless cleansers and creams just aren't cutting it, it might be time to tackle your acne from the inside out.

For most of us, acne is a fairly normal symptom of imbalanced hormones. (Find you break out more often right around your period? You can thank your shifting levels of testosterone, progesterone and estrogen for that.) And one of the best ways to treat fluctuating hormones is to—you guessed it—focus on eating wholesome, anti-inflammatory foods.

Here are a few things you should add to your daily rotation ASAP to help clear your skin...

Brew some moringa tea

The daughter of a former runway model recently went viral on TikTok for revealing her mom's beauty secrets. One of these secrets was drinking moringa tea in the days and weeks leading up to a runway show to clear up skin.

Moringa powder has antibacterial properties (which fight germs that can cause acne) and is rich in antioxidants (which work against environmental factors that could harm your skin, like pollution and sun damage).

There are tons of ways to make moringa tea, but the easiest method is to combine moringa powder with water in a kettle and let it boil. Add a drop or two of stevia (or a teaspoon of honey) if you like your tea on the sweeter side.

Eat some avocado


A lot of your fave influencers post pics of their avocado toast because it looks pretty, but did you know it can also help clear your acne? A UCLA Health study found that eating one avocado a day can boost your skin's elasticity—and elastic skin is more likely to heal quickly from breakouts (aka no more dark spots, scarring or lingering redness). 

Take your vitamins

Breaking out a ton? A vitamin deficiency could be the cause, especially if you aren't already consuming a diet rich in fruits and veggies. Ask your doctor if a multivitamin would be right for you. You can also ask about acne-specific supplements like Clearstem Mind Body Skin (it contains a blend of ingredients to boost your skin's detoxification process).

Focus on a healthy gut


Where you have a healthy gut, clear skin will follow. It's not just acne that can result from an unbalanced gut—other skin issues like rosacea and psoriasis can be triggered or worsened when your gut microbiome is out of whack.

To keep your gut healthy, make sure that you 1) stay hydrated, 2) eat lots of fiber, 3) rotate in fermented foods like kimchi or sourdough and 4) make processed food a rare treat instead of a regular habit.

And if you're dealing with uncomfy digestive symptoms like bloating or cramping? Talk to your doctor, since there might be a bigger issue like a food sensitivity or allergy at play.

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by Hana Tilksew | 6/2/2024