Yes, yoga abs are a's how to get 'em

If you're in need of an excuse to practice some yoga today, you now have one: it’s International Yoga Day! And what’s more perfect than celebrating such a zen day than breaking out the yoga mat and trying out a few new moves? Check out our step-by-step workout below for some seriously sick abs. 

Plank to Side Plank
Begin this move in a plank position. Make sure your hands are under your shoulders, arms straight, and legs extended behind you, feet hip-width apart. Next, bring your left palm to the center of the mat, and roll onto the side of your left food. Extend your right arm towards the ceiling. Hold this for eight breaths and return to plank. Repeat on your other side.

Chaturanga to Plank
Again, start in plank position. Bend your elbows until they are at 90 degrees, making sure to keep your upper arms closer to your body. The tips of your shoulder blades should be drawn down your back. Return to plank.

Forearm Plank
For this pose, place your forearms on the mat, shoulder-width apart with your elbows directly under your shoulders. Make sure your toes are curled and your legs are extended straight behind you with your feet hip-width apart. Brace your abs and hold this position for one minute.

Boat into Half Boat
Sit upright on your mat. Lean back, extending your arms straight in front of you and lifting your legs up from the floor. Hold for three breaths. To go into half boat, lower your back and legs towards the floor without allowing them to touch it. Hold for three breaths before you return to boat. Repeat ten times.

Looking to get the most out of this workout? Perform the moves as a flow to raise your heart rate! Move through plank to side plank into chaturanga to plank, then move into forearm plank. Rest on your knees for thirty seconds before performing boat into half boat. Repeat three times.

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by Mallory Walker | 4/15/2018