How to *really* tackle your summer fitness goals

Without all of the work and stress of the school year, summer provides countless hours of fun and free time—making it the *best* season to accomplish all of your big, bucket-list goals. Whether you want to get ready for fall tryouts by practicing that new sport or you simply want to learn some new dance moves just for fun, we've got all the tips for tackling your fiercest fitness ambitions...

Journal it out

Our best advice for your exercise goals? Work toward them gradually. Don't put too much pressure on yourself all at once, and aim to add workouts slowly into your routine (muscle soreness = not the move).

This is where a journal can come in handy. Mark your workout plan as a calendar so that you can gradually increase the frequency (start with twice per week for two weeks, then three times per week for three weeks and so on). 

You can jot down how you feel after each workout session so that, moving forward, you can adjust it to how your body reacts. Journaling about your feelings or doing a mind dump can also give you the relaxation you need and deserve after physical activity. 


Stretch daily

Make sure to stretch so you don't hurt yourself while exercising! Some moves can be intense (and new to your muscles), so make stretching a priority before and after every workout—plus the days when you're not working out.

Stretching is also a good habit to perform when you wake up. It's an especially relaxing way to start your day. Plus, no school gives more time in the morning, so why not spend just a few minutes stretching?

Have fun!


Remember, you're the one in charge of your fitness goals. So make it a priority to have fun when you work out. Make it an activity with your friends, family or even pets (think about it: going to the park to play tennis with a sibling, taking a jog with your dog or jamming out to a fun cardio dance with your BFF).

Keep a balanced lifestyle


Tbh, exercising can be absolutely draining. That's why it's important to keep balance in your life. Remember to treat yourself! That is *exactly* what your body needs after a workout. Drink lots of water and eat nourishing meals so you have the energy before, after and during your workout. (Some of our fave treats include delicious fruit smoothie bowls, mood-boosting energy bites and other protein-filled foods.)

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by Lucy Ke | 7/2/2023