Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I can't stop worrying about my grades"

Dear Carol,
I can't stop worrying about tests. I do really well at school, but I stay up way too late studying every night. How can I stress less?
—Always Worried

Dear Always Worried,
A little anxiety is motivating; constant worrying is exhausting. Practice "self-talk." Example: Study for a test, then say to yourself, "I'm ready," rather than "I'm going to fail." Acknowledge that you've been doing well and give yourself credit. And realize that once you've learned the material backward and forward, you don't have to go over it three more times. Still all wound up? Yoga, peaceful music, fresh air, hot baths and getting enough zzz's can make a difference. It's great to be a good student, but you also want to be a happy, healthy person, not a nervous wreck.

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by Dear Carol | 3/13/2019