Dear Carol

"Should I tell him how I really feel?"

Dear Carol,
I was going out with my boyfriend for almost a year, but we broke up last month. I see him in the halls every day, and every week he’s with a different girl. How am I supposed to move forward? I still want him back so badly! Should I confront him with my feelings? I know there are other fish in the sea but I want him, and yet I don’t! I’m so hurt and confused.
–Confused About a Guy

Dear Confused About a Guy,
It takes time to get over a guy you cared about, and your mixed feelings are normal. Remind yourself that most middle school and high school relationships don’t last forever—and aren’t supposed to. Remind yourself, too, of what didn't work for you two as a couple. What bugged you? Listen to that "and yet I don't" and look ahead instead of behind. Your ex might have been your first serious boyfriend, but I can promise you that he's not your last. So keep moving forward and don’t confront him about your feelings. Talk about all that with your girlfriends—and ask about their feelings, too.

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by Dear Carol | 3/27/2018
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