Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I can't stop biting my nails"

Dear Carol,
Help! I've been biting my nails since I was 7. There is no more to bite and my nails started hurting. Do you have any advice?
–Nail Biter

Dear Nail-Biter,
Oh man, I was quite a nail-biter myself, and to be 100 percent honest, I still nibble on them sometimes (poor thumbnails!). Painting my nails or getting manicures helps and I always keep a nail file in my bag. You can wear gloves or yucky-tasting nail polish or sit on your hands, but what makes a difference is making the decision that you are truly going to do your best to leave your nails alone. It’s a struggle to break any habit, and I wish you well. Tell yourself you love yourself and aren't going to bite your bod anymore. And try to think of other ways to relieve anxiety (like playing sports or learning an instrument). If you come up with more tips, please let me know!

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by Dear Carol | 3/29/2018
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