Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I don't think I like my boyfriend like that anymore"

Dear Carol, 

I got a boyfriend and we’ve been dating for five months, but I don’t know whether I still like him like that anymore. How can I be sure? Should we just be friends again?

-Boyfriend or Friend? 

Dear Boyriend or Friend, 

Dear Boyfriend or Friend?, If things were great between you two, you would not have written. Having a boyfriend is supposed to be fun, not boring or upsetting or stressful. If this comes to an end, it’s not a shame or a failure. Many romances aren’t supposed to last forever, so it may make sense for you two to set each other free. It will help if you’re both sensitive and neither of you feels you are dumping or getting dumped. Consider saying, “I care about you and always will, but I think maybe we’re too young to be committed.” Sounds like your heart has already made a decision, even if parting ways is awkward and bittersweet.

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by GL | 5/1/2021